Breaking the ice

Language is all around us. It is inescapable for most humans on Earth. Whenever we communicate, learn, express ourselves, explain concepts, behaviours and emotions – we use language.

Given the special status of the thing we call language, I think it deserves a central place on the wall. This wall.

We can look at language from many angles, discuss it within various frameworks, ponder its very origins. I will not lie – I am a linguist. I’m biased. You will read a lot of ‘linguistic stuff’ here. But I’m also a pragmatist, and a practitioner. Sometimes people ask me about the features of language: language in general or a particular tongue spoken somewhere on the globe. Sometimes I ask myself questions about language: about the theoretical and the human dimension. About culture, communication and history. About the present and the future…

On the pages of this blog, I will therefore share some of the internal debates I’ve been having, some of the conclusions based on my conversations with others, and some of the facts provided by science. I would like this site to be the reflection of the multifaceted nature of language. Language as a system, a code, a style, as a means to and end, as the end in itself, as a mode, vehicle, the perceived and the performed…

Surely, some of the posts are going to be more philosophical and general in content. Other posts will be more theoretical, scientific, perhaps dense. I will surely try to make all or most of them scientifcally sound and true to the current state of knowledge about linguistics, communication studies, psychology and anthropology. And to make sure that we are all on the same page from the beginning, my first non-introductory post will discuss the very notion of ‘language’. Everyone seems to know what language is, right? Let’s see 🙂

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